Kids love Kalaloch Lodge - from exploring the beaches to becoming an Ocean Stewards Junior Ranger. Just pick up an activity book.

Ocean Stewards Junior Ranger Program

Forget video games and electronic devices. This is real, hands-on fun.

Olympic National Park is a large protected area, but even the smallest members of your party can help keep it beautiful for generations to come. That's where the National Park Service's Ocean Stewards Junior Ranger Program comes in. This program offers fun, hands-on ways to teach kids about this complex coastal ecosystem and the wildlife that inhabits it.

With an Ocean Stewards Junior Ranger activity book, kids age 4 and up can chart their adventure, write observations in a field guide, and more, in their quest for a Junior Ranger Patch. All they have to do is pick up an activity book from any visitor center in the Park, complete it, and then return it to a visitor center for a Starfish, Sea Otter, or Pelican patch.

If you want to read more about Ocean Stewards and other NPS Junior Ranger Programs, visit the National Park Service website.

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