Kalaloch Cabin interiors have ADA Features to make them accessible for a range of guests.

ADA Features & Accessibilities

A guide to making your Kalaloch escape accessible.

Parking: We have two ADA parking spots in the lot closest to the lodge, and an ADA parking spot in front of each of our accessible Cabins (Bluff Cabin #43 and Kalaloch Cabin #40).

Entrance Doors: There is a ramp on the front of the Main Lodge building to the main front door, but not to the registration area (there are two steps to go down). We also have a sidewalk and a ramp to the back deck of our Creekside Restaurant, where you can dine and enter the restaurant via the back entrance. We do not have automatic doors on the property.

Front Desk Registration: The entrance closest to the ADA parking is our gift shop/registration entrance; it has a sliding glass door that wheelchairs can access, and there is a low counter for signing paperwork. The sliding glass door access is not fully accessible; there is a bit of a bump that guests using wheelchairs would need to navigate.

Ramps & Elevators: We do not have an elevator on property, but we do have a ramp at the main lobby entrance. Kalaloch Cabin #40 also has a ramp.

Dining: Our Creekside Restaurant dining room and lounge area are both ADA accessible. Both have wide entrances. The lounge area has a hardwood floor, and the restaurant has low-density carpet. There is ramp access to both the front and back of the dining room, with a ramp from the lounge to the main dining area. We do not have a menu in Braille.

Shopping Areas: Shopping in our gift shop is accessible. The Mercantile front door is wide and the aisles are accessible.

Guestrooms: We kindly ask guests who do not require ADA-accessible features to select a different room type if another will fit their needs.

  • Mobility Accessible Kalaloch Cabin #40 has a ramp to the door, and the doorway provides at least 32" of clear width. ADA parking is located directly in front of the cabin. The bathroom features a roll-in shower with a removable shower head and seat in the shower, and grab bars at the toilet. The kitchen has lowered counters, and the cabin also has one combined switch for both the main light and fan for easier access. This cabin has one bedroom, two queen beds and a double hid-a-bed to sleep up to six people.

Please call us at 866-662-9928 should you have further questions about accessibility.

Other ADA Amenities, Limitations, and Barriers: Our public restroom inside the lobby/restaurant area are ADA accessible. There is no beach access for wheelchairs, but the beach can be viewed from the lodge. Guests using wheelchairs may have difficulty with the front office and gift shop entrances. Lowered counter space and ADA parking are limited. Our property is a bit limited, but we will do everything possible to accommodate all of our guests.

For Your Accessibility Needs

  • The hotel's public entrance is accessible.
  • The route from the hotel's accessible public entrance to the registration area is not fully accessible.
  • The route from the hotel's accessible public entrance to the accessible guest rooms is accessible.
  • The route from the hotel's accessible public entrance to the restaurant is accessible.
  • The route from the hotel's accessible public entrance to the meeting room/ballroom area is accessible.
  • Accessible guest rooms with mobility features have doorways that provide 32" of clear width.
  • The registration desk is not fully accessible.
  • The hotel's public restrooms are accessible.
  • Accessible parking spaces for cars are provided in the self-parking facility.
  • Van-accessible parking spaces are provided in the self-parking facility.
  • The restaurant is accessible.
Things To Do

Things To Do

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"We had a great time at the beach staying in a rustic cabin. The cabin was located in the second row but still offered an ocean view between the first-row cabins. The cabin was clean, comfortable and cozy. There was a kitchenette with a two-burner stove, small refrigerator/freezer, microwave and Keurig. The pots and pans and utensils provided allowed us to prepare meals in the room. We were surprised how totally nice the cabin was and had space for all of our gear and hooks for jackets. The table and chairs were pub height which made it easy to see out the windows. The cabin offered a comfortable bed with pristine white sheets. Overall, it was fun and cozy."
"Amazing place. Loved every minute. Beautiful scenery and great food at the restaurant. We stayed in a lodge room. Very close to the tree of life and other spots. Stayed with family and friends here. We definite return. A friend recommended it."
"Loved our cabin at Kalaloch Lodge - cozy, comfortable and could see and hear the ocean from our room. Great staff at both check-in and the restaurant. The beach is amazing and even though it was summer, there was barely anyone on it. Breathtaking setting and I will definitely be going back!"
"One of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life. The cabins are great but if you want a sunset view the lodge is the place to stay. The beach is never very busy so there is plenty of space for all."