Discover colorful starfish, anemones and more while tide pooling near Kalaloch Lodge.

Tide Pooling

Kalaloch Beach Access Open!

Beach access from Kalaloch Lodge has been restored! A new staircase has been installed from the property down to the sand. Come take a walk on the beach!

Beach stair access at Kalaloch Lodge

Catch a glimpse of the Park's most colorful residents.

Even shallow water provides a deeper appreciation for the abundance of life on the Olympic Peninsula. The tide pools near Kalaloch and the surrounding areas are some of the best you'll find anywhere, offering a crystal-clear look into the lives of sea stars, rock crabs, wolf eels, pricklebacks, brittle stars, barnacles, clams, sea snails, and more. Visiting tide pools can be a great learning experience for kids, a relaxing departure from everyday life, or both.

Ready to check out some of these colorful creatures? Top tide pooling locations near Kalaloch include Beach 4 and Ruby Beach. Other favorites include Second Beach (not to be confused with Beach 2), Third Beach (not to be confused with Beach 3) and Hole-in-the-Wall, which is in the Mora/La Push area.

The creatures that inhabit tide pools are best seen closer to low tide. But before you go, it's wise to familiarize yourself with basic tide pool safety and etiquette:

Watch your step:

Not only can it be dangerous for you to step or slip on organisms in the tide pools, but it can be detrimental to whatever you step on. Try to walk on sand or bare rocks, and don't jump from rock to rock.

Touch gently:

Some plants and wildlife at the tide pools can be touched, but be gentle. Never try to pull or pry something off of a rock, and keep in mind - and make clear to children - that you are potentially disturbing a living thing.

Take only pictures:

Never remove anything from a beach or tide pool, even rocks or sand. Everything in the tide pools exists as part of a delicate ecosystem.

Leave only footprints:

Don't leave behind anything that doesn't belong on the beach, including garbage, food, articles of clothing, etc.

Be aware of the tides:

Check the tide schedule before you go exploring, and keep an eye on water levels if you venture out to rocks or sandbars that may become submerged at high tide.

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