A couple walks along Kalaloch Beach in Olympic National Park at sunset

Wi-Fi Coverage at Kalaloch Lodge

Experiencing the beauty of your surroundings at Kalaloch Lodge is awe-inspiring. However, given the remote location of the park, please note that Wi-Fi is limited to the main lodge.

Immerse yourself with nature and your surroundings, as you'll be far away from wireless hot spots. If you're worried about being "off the grid," let us help you put your fears to rest, and show you how embracing the lack of technology can make your trip even better!

Olympic National Park is the perfect place to unplug and enjoy nature, spend time with loved ones, and live a little slower. It's not a great place to be online!

What can I do with no Wi-Fi?

Great news: you're in luck! Olympic National Park is best experienced "unplugged." Here are just a few of the many fun things you can do while disconnected:

  • De-Stress and Unwind: Vacate the stresses of everyday life on your vacation! Studies have shown that use of social media sites can increase stress levels. Don't worry about what's happening in your news feed, and embrace the escape!
  • Whale Watching: Kalaloch is considered to be one of the top places in the world to watch one of nature's biggest attractions - whales. Find out more information about when you can see whales.
  • Hike a Trail: Some of Olympic National Park's most stunning trails are only a short distance away from Kalaloch Lodge, and trails are available for hikers of all skill levels. Learn more.
  • Beach Walks: Eight beautiful beaches are within eight miles of Kalaloch Lodge, so enjoy a refreshing seaside stroll or more adventurous hike. Learn more.
  • Explore Olympic National Park: From mist-shrouded rainforests to secluded lakes, there are many breathtaking natural wonders for you to explore. Find out more details.
  • Attend a Ranger-Led Program: Ranger-led programs offer the opportunity for you to learn more about Olympic National Park from the experts, our park rangers. Learn more.

Want a few sample itinerary ideas to help get you started? Whether you plan to stay at Kalaloch or explore Olympic National Park, we have a some great suggestions for you!

These are just some of the many activities you can enjoy at Olympic National Park. With so much beauty to experience, why spend time staring at your phone?