Things To Know

This information is a guideline; the Kalaloch Lodge management team reserves the right to change these standards at any time and all fees are non-refundable after their due date. Pricing information available upon request.


Washington's coast has extremely unpredictable weather; you can never count on sunshine. Although there is never a guarantee, due to this, we recommend planning your outdoor ceremony or reception for the months of June, July, August and September.


These summer months are our busiest months; we will be at 100% occupancy, so booking early is important. Please remember that availability is limited.

Event Space

Kalaloch does not have any private event spaces available for rent, so that you would either have to host your event outdoors or in the dining room, which are both subject to seasonal restrictions.

Outdoor Ceremonies

With the stunning setting of the Olympic National Park region as your stage, your big day will be an awe-inspiring affair that sets the measure for a lifetime of memories.

On Property

Ceremonies can be hosted at our Gazebo or in front of your Bluff cabins. There is no fee; all you need to do is let us know so we can reserve the space. Keep in mind that the Gazebo is next to the beach trail which will always be open to the public.

On the Beach in Olympic National Park

You need to contact the National Park Service and get a permit. This is not difficult, but you will need to keep that in mind while planning. For more information, please visit:

Outdoor Receptions

Including setting up for the reception in front of cabins and is only available in the summer months. All events must end by 9:30 PM. Beach bonfires are allowed and are recommended if you are still interested in celebrating afterwards.


Maximum guest count is 50.


We can provide chairs, tables and ivory linens. Equipment rental fees will apply based on the number of guests. Pricing available upon request. Fees are due 14 days prior to the event.

Kalaloch does not own an event tent and cannot provide one. Guests will have to get approval through the National Park Service and take care of the rental fees and contracting on their own.

*As a warning, we have had the tent rental sites come to property and refuse to set up the tent due to high winds. Personal event tents may be used, but need to be down by 10 PM. (Not including camping tents).


We allow decorations; however, there is no confetti or bird seed allowed and all decorations must be cleaned up by the party before check out time. If any decorations are left up, or found as litter, a sliding clean up fee will be applied.


Live or with speakers is allowed but must be kept at a moderate volume so as not to bother other guests. It must stop by 9:30 PM.

Food Service

Must have a minimum of 21 guests. Guest must rent one of our Bluff Cabins that have a carport. This will be used as a covered area to set up the buffet and protect it from rain.

Buffet equipment rental fee will include all tables, ivory linens, bio-degradable plates and utensils, compostable cups, a large ice water jug, and a large garbage, recycling and compost bin for guests to utilize. Pricing available upon request, fees due 14 days prior to event.

Price per head is going to depend on specific menu options you decide on with Kalaloch's Food and Beverage team. Price provided will not include tax or tip and will be charged directly to the room that you have designated. There will be a 25% deposit due 14 days before the event.

**Please note that outside catering is not allowed on property**

Indoor Receptions

Hosted in the Creekside Dining Room

Out of Season

There is a back room that can provide semi-private seating for up to 34 guests comfortably. However, a party of this size would only be able to rent during non-peak season months, October-May. Rental fee of $200 per hour would apply, 2-3 hours maximum rental time, due 14 days prior to event.

In Season

Sometimes we can host larger parties in the general dining room, up to 20 guests maximum. Typically we can only do so in a non-private setting with other guests being seated around you. Seating time will usually be earlier as well, between 2 and 5 PM, and party can be subject to a limited menu. Weekend dates have very limited availability.

Vendor Recommendations

Not affiliated with Delaware North Parks and Resorts at Kalaloch

Wedding Cakes

JT's Sweet Stuffs
Forks, WA
Phone: 360-374-6111

Forks Outfitters Bakery
Forks, WA
Phone: 360-374-6164


Leppell's Flowers & Gifts
Forks, WA
Phone: 360-374-6931

Photography & DJ

Olympic Productions, Heather and Eric Morrow
Phone: 800-456-0294

Wedding Officiate

Unfortunately at this time we do not have a recommended officiate

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