2017 Razor Clam Digging

BREAKING NEWS: For the first time since 2012, razor clam digging is BACK at Kalaloch Beach! Scheduled dig dates for 2017 are below. Digging will be allowed beginning two hours before the low tide. Diggers must have a valid 2017 license to participate. For more information, view the NPS Press Release.

Date Day Low Tide Time Low Tide Elevation
1/8/2017  Sunday  3:14 PM  -0.16'
1/9/2017  Monday  4:11 PM  -1.02'
3/10/2017  Friday  5:14 PM  -0.3'
3/11/2017  Saturday  5:55 PM  -0.3'
3/31/2017  Friday  9:47 AM  -0.6'
4/1/2017  Saturday  10:40 AM  -0.5'
4/29/2017  Saturday  9:32 AM  -1.7'
4/30/2017  Sunday  10:24 AM  -1.3'
5/10/2017  Wednesday  7:12 AM  -0.5'
5/11/2017  Thursday  7:41 AM  -0.7'

Great adventures require great staging, and Kalaloch Lodge provides an amenity-rich home base for exploring the rugged beauty of Olympic National Park. From the wave-kissed coastline just steps outside your door to the mists of nearby Hoh rainforest; from the tasting rooms of Port Angeles to the snow-capped sentinels of Hurricane Ridge, the sweep of nature's grandeur can always be felt at Kalaloch Lodge, where unforgettable adventures are always within reach.

A Haven of Beauty, Waiting to Be Explored

As the only coastal lodge along the 73-mile stretch of Olympic National Park, Kalaloch Lodge offers the unique opportunity to explore both land and sea. Perched on a bluff where Kalaloch Creek flows gracefully into the tidal zone of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, the Lodge is your ideal place from which to set out on all your activities, whether beachcombing, whale watching, bike touring, hiking, fishing, boating, or anything else that strikes your fancy and excites your sense of wonder.

Expansive beaches abound, replete with shorebirds and tide pools. Powerful winter storms leave logs strewn like pick-up sticks along the sand, providing an ever-changing landscape of driftwood forts and balance beams for families to investigate.

A Word to the Wise

Powerful waves come and go and will roll and tumble logs. It is recommended that you use caution when playing on beach logs, especially when the tide is high. Please keep an eye on the tide status and incoming wave height so you are not caught off guard by a rogue wave or high tide. Riptides are dangerous, and swimming is at your own risk.

Your Adventure Awaits

Salt air, hanging mist, and waves that shake the sand beneath your feet – visitors to Kalaloch Lodge feel the power of nature in its raw form, while taking advantage of genuine hospitality to enhance the experience. So book your reservation today, and embark with your family on a memorable journey of a lifetime.